Trapped in doing what you don’t want ?

#thinkaboutthis What are you currently doing? 🚶‍♂️👩‍🍳👩‍🌾👩‍🎓👩‍⚕️👮‍♀️👩‍🏭 read below…. Is that really determined by what people want from you By their strong recommendation & what they wish of you Now listening to good suggestions is good but is it something that you really desire? is it something that you truly want? is it something that excites […]

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1 tip for Self Confidence ?

It does not matter who you are👨‍💼 👩‍⚕️👮‍♂️it does not matter how experienced you are 👷‍♀️👨‍🌾 we all go through this 👨‍🍳👩‍🎤 there are times when you have that inner spark 🔥🔥 that wants you to attempt somethingyou never did beforeYou feel excited about ityou then share it with someone 👫and …..silence …you don’t get that encouragementyou expected …🤭 sometimes […]

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Don’t Give up

In the midst of the bruises & hurts in the storms of today’s struggle don’t forget to look back at your past  & remember that you faced it earlier too it looked impossible didn’t it  but you survived it  if you didn’t drown in it earlier  what makes you believe that  you will not survive […]

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Don’t make this Valentine day promise

sometimes Guys create too ambitious expectations 🍧🍧 and sometimes wrong expectations that lead to more tears & fights!☹️ When you tell your girl/partner that ‘I will never let anyone hurt you ‘ this literally means you are going to ‘Babysit’👩‍🦱 her all the time because that is the only place you can ‘stop anyone from […]

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Each Day Every Person You Meet

#think Each day every person you meet Each day every person you greet Each day every human who treat you sweet 💝 Or those who don’t understand your beat 🤓 to the people who give blindness to your kindness to these very people you could role model fairness to the people who doubt you & […]

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Will you change this New Year ?

Great you achieved something in 2010, 2012,2015 ,2019? But what you learnt to get to your goal in 2012may not necessarily work in 2020your past success are of the past stop living in it your past failures were an incident stop making its life sentence ,this 2020…. know that what got you here in 2019 willno longer get […]

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A quick question? read below When did you last fail? Do you fail too tiny or too less? If you are Selling to someone in any way Selling an idea, a solution, a concept, selling your qualities in an interview , selling a product or service how many times have you failed by a no […]



#think Tony Robbins brings this Brillant thought that got me soul searching, ‘whatever you focus on grows’ Now read that again, if your focus is on ‘it is not working out’…. and you focus on it? what will happen, as a result,  the thoughts of ‘it is not working out’ will grow like wildfire 🌿🌱🌳☘️🍀🍀🍀🌿🌱🍁🍂🌴 you […]


Scars are Beautiful

Scars are beautiful! What scars are you trying to hide  What weakness you dread to show to the world  What blunders you would never commit because you cannot have a negative image of yourself no matter what  What idea you would never speak about  because it look’s too lame to utter  But think for a […]

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#Think You wanted to take action on that exciting idea you had you waited for doing it in high school but friends came along,  your heart throb crush came along  may be …its time for fun now I will do it after my studies … but then, you had to fetch a job right ? […]


How do you lose it?

#Thinkaboutthat Over the years as I go about speaking in seminars & one to one to enthusiastic delegates & participants who were so excited about what they learnt, Read on….. These are people who were ready to do what it takes to get to their highest dream But something …..happened in between ” M E […]

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Oh Pain ,Get lost !

Most of us like to avoid pain ,  everything we are doin will have one thing that drives us the most….‘avoiding the struggles of pain’ You want to secure your future …to avoid the pain of insecurity  You want to get into a relationship which you know is not really for you …but to avoid the […]

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When do you stop Learning?

A lot of us….think learning gets over ‘after exams’,  ‘after an entrance test’ ,  after an interview,  after an investor finally agrees to invest in your idea,  After you are the head HR for a Bluer chip 100  after you get a costly priced home….  after you get a high earning job….  after you turn […]

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Have you found your Artistic​ Edge Yet that can Earn you the Bling!​ -Bobby Dsouza

(Painting – 2010 Scott Burdick) Today morning as I spend some time in solace, Quitened myself of  the external Noises & more ever the storms inside my very self, My Gaze turned to the imperfect painting I worked on yesterday which was neatly posted on the wall I was surprised by the ‘artistic edge’ I had […]

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When will you be happy ?

I will you be happy when …….? I get that …………………. Amount When my performance rating goes higher When the lockdown ends When I get 100 likes on my wordpress blog When my boss is happy with me When work from home ends When my figure looks like that When my business starts making 8 […]

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What truly upgrades you?

hey you ? Yes you come on … i am talking to you …. what life style truly upgrades you ? to your biggest desired life status to your biggest business class upgrade to your biggest truest purpose to your truest fulfilment what makes your wish list a reality check list is it endless scrolls […]

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